How to choose Power Supplier that suites your needs

Strømtest has compared many power providers in Norway, trying to find the cheapest power supplier. There are many different suppliers and deals out there, and it’s fast becoming difficult to find cheap power on your own. Above we have collected the best power suppliers, just tap read more to swap – it will not be easier. There are very many power suppliers on the market today, as well as all power providers offer a good range of power agreements, many of which may seem relatively similar. It’s certainly not easy to find the cheapest power suppliers on their own, so we’ve taken the job of comparing power providers and their deals to present you with those we think are the most favorable deals from top power providers today.

Switching power supplier?

Did you know that there are over 100 different power providers in Norway? So finding the right power supplier is not easy. Many also believe that they do not save money by switching power providers. But this is wrong, it seems that many people can save hundreds of dollars in switching power providers. Prices are constantly changing and it is a big challenge and keep up to date on all the different suppliers. So, we’ve listed the cheapest power supplier on this page, which is always one of the cheapest so you do not have to go through the prices for each and every one of the more than 100 vendors on the market today. True, not all of these deliver to all of Norway as there are more local suppliers around the country.

Why should I switch power provider?

You can save more than 1000 kroner a year Easier invoice and payment system Environmentally Friendly (You Can Choose This)

Where can I find the best power supplier?

We’ve easily found the best power providers get you on this page so you do not have to look for other places. If you are looking for power supplier Oslo or power supplier Bergen, we have the cheapest and best on our site. We have ruled out all the small and expensive suppliers on our website so the overview will not be completely confusing and chaotic.

Compare power providers in Norway

We compare prices directly from the source to the different suppliers. We do not collaborate with 3 parties or the power suppliers themselves. However, it may be noted that sometimes the prices on the website are outdated. PGA electricity prices change every single day. You will get an approx. overview of which supplier is cheapest.

Which agreement should I choose?

Choosing the power provider is very easy, all you have to do is fill out a form on the supplier’s website. Then they will switch the power supplier for you. You do not have to do anything. You will receive confirmation by e-mail when the change is confirmed. In our overview you have the best and cheapest deals so just choose who you want.

What about the grid rent?

Unfortunately, customers can’t choose their grid provider because they own the grid and have the right to bill you for the usage. Many people think that they do not save money by switching power providers because the grid fees are so high anyway. Many families save thousands every year in switching power providers.

Replace power supplier often

If you have had the same suppliers over a long period of time, look for if you can get a cheaper deal another place. So you always have the cheapest power supplier. Are you alert to this, you will save a lot of money every year on your power only. Please check once every 3 months and make sure you do not choose a power supplier where you have 12 months of binding as this can quickly become expensive.

How do I switch a power provider?

Switching power supplier is easy, choose the supplier you want in our list. Follow the references on their website. You only need your name address and destination number. This can be found in the security cabinet of your home. In about 10 minutes, you can save thousands of kroners a year.